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History Of Solitaire Card Game

History Of Solitaire Card Game

Since the origin of solitaire card is the origin largely unknown because there is no historical record to support it. There is much speculation and controversy about the history of Solitaire where it really started. However, the first written documentation alone is not until the end of the 16th century and since then, has a long history of Solitaire and also had a lower reputation.

   Around the 12th century, the game of “Al-qirq” (the mill, in Arabic), the later the game was “Alquerque” the most common game in the late 12th century in Europe. Playing cards were first introduced in Italy in 1300. During this time, he also became popular in northern Europe. This is a card game called Tarok which was invented at this time, which is still played today. It is also believed that the solitaire game first played with tarot cards, showing that traditional multiplayer games probably would be preceded by solo cards.

   Princess of Soubise French engraving shows playing a card game from 1697. Legend says that Solitaire by Pélisson, a French mathematician, was invented to entertain Louis XIV – the “Sun King” (the Sun King) known. Another legend tells of a French gentleman regrettable when he was imprisoned in the Bastille, developed the game with Fox and Geese Board (Fox and Geese Board was for a variety of games in northern Europe of the Vikings). Undoubtedly, these legends as Ovid wrote about the game and described in his book “Ars Amatoria.”

   The late sixteenth century was an active period of the invention of different card games. It was then that the first place, as high as the low ranking cards. Several card games have been during this time and invented new new variants have been added, so it’s probably invented the time of solitaire games and named.

   The first rules of solitaire known were recorded during the Napoleonic era. The author of War and Peace, Tolstoy loved to play solitaire and mentioned in a scene from his famous novel. Tolstoy’s letters sometimes used to make decisions for him in a way to make something superstitious. Mentioned earlier literature patience of French origin. As “solo”, the word is of French origin and means “patience”. The names of most of the first games of solitaire are French names, as well as the best known is La Belle Lucie. When Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena in 1816, was played patience to pass the time. Remote island in the ocean, I knew what it was like childbirth together also knew comfort was sentenced cards, solitude. During his exile on St. Helena, Napoleon Bonaparte played patience in his spare time. Some solitaire games are named after him, as Napoleon at St. Helena, Napoleon Square, etc. We do not know if Napoleon invented one of these games alone or someone else for the same period.

   Publications began to appear solo in the nineteenth century. Lady Adelaide Cadogan is believed that the first book written on the ground and lonely patience as “Patience Games enlightened” shortly after the Civil War (1870) have 25 games. Has sometimes been reprinted today. Others non-English versions can not already been written, however. Previously, no solo literature, not even in the books that Charles Cotton The Compleat Gamester (1674), the Academy of Father Bellecour Games (1674) and Bohn Instructions ( 1850), all of England as the reference in the map games.In “Cadogan” is a familiar word is used for one the same way that “Hoyle” is the card games.

   Lady Cadogan book led to other collections of other writers as EDChaney, Annie B. Henshaw, Dick & Fitzgerald, HE Jones (aka Cavendish), Angelo Lewis (aka Professor Hoffman), Basil Dalton and Ernest Bergholt. ED Chaney wrote a book on solitaire games called “Patience” and Annie B. Henshaw wrote a book with a title “playground for disabled people” interesting. A few years later published and Dick Fitzgerald in New York “Patience Games Dick” in 1883, followed by a second edition was published in 1898. Author, Henry Jones, has written a book very reliable solo as “Games of patience.” Another Jones is not related to Henry, Miss Mary Whitmore Jones wrote five volumes of books alone for a period of twenty years in the 1890s. Several other publishers also different solitaire games added to the long list of game titles. One of the most comprehensive books solitaire was written by Albert Morehead and Geoffrey Mott-Smith. Its last edition contains more than 225 solitaire games rules and has been used in this document.

   Leo Tolstoy “War and Peace” is mentioned a scene that took place in the year 1808, where the characters played patience. Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” solitary mention in its history. Evelyn Waugh in “A Handful of Dust,” a character played patiently waiting for news of the death to reach London.

   In the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky [The Brothers Karamazov], the character Grushenka played a solitaire game called “crazy”, a Russian equivalent of “idiot Delight” to overcome moments of crisis. A popular solitaire game Spider Solitaire, played by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Somerset Maugham: “The Lord, in the room” and cited mentions Spider solitaire solitaire game as “an insolent disposition novel by John Steinbeck in Of Mice and Men [], protagonist George Milton often plays alone on the road and in the inch area. ” Peter Duck “, one of the books of Arthur Ransome Swallows and Amazons series Captain Flint keeps busy playing Miss Milligan.

   In the 1962 film “The Manchurian Candidate”, Raymond Shaw is forced to perform certain actions trigger brainwashing, which are often also a traditional solitaire game, and the queen of diamonds. In the Finnish TV series “Hovimäki” Aunt Victoria is very fond of playing solitaire.

   Several solitaire games have gained fame through literature and other means. Some solitaire games that was invented in the most unexpected places. A notable inventor of solitaire games was Bill Beers. He was in an asylum, where he invented a variant of Solitaire Cribbage. The prisoners had enough time to play solitaire, but were not able to use traditional cards because it could be used as a powerful weapon. They were forced to use thicker tiles for cards that were bulky and unwieldy.

   A famous casino is responsible for the invention of a solitaire. Mr. Canfield, who has a casino in Saratoga, invented a game in which you buy a game card for $ 52 and $ 5 for each card played to the foundation. Earned an average of $ 25 per game, but each game requires a dealer to see classes of players, so that the benefit was not as great as you might think. The real name of this game was popular Klondike, Canfield, but the name stuck and is almost as common as the word patience. Due to the difficulty of obtaining the time to play and the lack of options on the way, lost some popularity to other popular games Klondike Solitaire. Today, most people refer to Klondike Solitaire easier.

   And the only two reasons why people love playing cards with this mosaic, of course, has changed since antiquity seemed lonely. In today’s world, we sometimes need a break from it and boring movie. Solitary solution is not only a distraction to oust time, but it is also a sure way to relax after work. The long winter nights that helped the characters of Jack London, to entertain your leisure. A great musician, Nicolo Paganini was also only to solve their own best estimate was later called by his name.

   A good solo allows you to relax and not just the time, is a major mental gymnastics. Therefore were only attractive mathematician Martin Gardner and Donald Knut. As seen his contemporaries, Metternich used, a unique 19th century diplomat to sit and reflect on the solitary node before starting negotiations more difficult.

   Today, most people refer to Klondike as simply ‘Solitaire’. Due to the difficulty of obtaining the time to play and the lack of options on the way, lost some popularity to other popular games Klondike Solitaire.

   When we think of solitaire games today many people immediately think of digital versions of computers, for example Solitaire for Mac and PC solitaire games, but there are still millions of people who “play the old way “with a deck of cards, maybe the card game Napoleon played nearly 200 years.




3 Reasons To Play Scratch Off Tickets

3 Reasons To Play Scratch Off Tickets

When you visit any grocery store, supermarket, grocery store, or you will find that there are many opportunities, the money available. Anyone over 18 can buy a lottery ticket and get your hands on large quantities. Sure, it seems a gamble, but in fact it can be overcome. The idea of ??winning the lottery is a dream that many people fight with life, but we must not lose a process, you can actually a viable and financially rewarding for those willing to invest a little money in what some see as a game, and others see it as an opportunity. With this in mind, consider the 3 reasons why you should work with scratchcards today.

   Ease of use – The first thing you notice about skyscrapers is that it is easy to play. You can use any lottery system, and strive to understand the rules, and if you can see if you won or not. Although lottery complicated systems in most countries, but this is not the case with wiper settings. Most of the options are not only easy, you can pick up a lot of money.

   Profitable – Of all the luck and skill, you can invest, lottery scratchers are easy on the pocket. Low pricing options starting at $ 1 and more expensive options that can run a series of $ 20. However, there are many games winning 2 in 1 option and in some states up to 6 different games and rewards for every purchase.

   Serious Money – Many people think that a million by choosing the Pick 3 or 5 chances of winning the lottery, but that’s not always true. Many games can be found at a local store for more than six figures, and a few million dollars cases! Now, this is a huge sum for an investment as low as $ 1

   These three reasons why you want to play scratch cards on the right path, which leads to make money. One last thing to remember, the game seriously and pay attention to all the models that you see. You will inevitably align patterns, is only a matter of time. No play. Without a record of income


Stacks of Poker Chips

Stacks of Poker Chips

What All Do I Have to Know to be a Really Good Piano Player?

What All Do I Have to Know to be a Really Good Piano Player?

Many students ask me a question that goes something like this:

“What I need to be a really good piano player?”

The problem with a question like this is that it ignores individual differences such as talent, motivation, freedom to practice, and a hundred other variables.

   Need to know how Mozart? Like Erroll Garner know? Mozart could play far better than I did when I was 3 years makes. Garner and was unable to join the Musicians Union, because he could not read music.

   Does this mean that you do not have to practice as Mozart could do without practice? Does this mean you should not learn to read music and Garner could not, and certainly not stop.

   It is obvious that no

I wish I had the talent of a Mozart or Garner, but I do not like. Away. But God has given me a bit of talent, and talent is that I can develop to their fullest.

   The same thing applies to you if you’re in a class with boys, in this case, certainly do not need me.

   At the time I was operated workshop and university piano keyboard, we had a list of skills that we impart to our students, at least tried to some extent. Here is the list:

   Technique – the skill of their hands to do what your brain tells you.

  Finger – the finger goes where and when and why.

Agreements – What are the chords and chord variations on a minor chord, diminished chords completed, and all extensions such as seventh chords, minor chords Agreements sixth, seventh, ninth, suspensions 11th, 13th, and agreements, and changes 5AS and including level 9ths dishes, etc.

   Balances – As a larger scale is formed by the steps and stages and a half. Such as the 3 types of minor scales – natural, melodic and harmonic – are formed. As modal scales, as Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aolian, etc. are formed. Notes chromatic scales and all are trained.

   Ear Training – Develop the ability to hear intervals 2nds 9ths, developing the ability to hear and recognize the types of agreements, develop relative pitch.

   Music Theory – Understanding forms in music, bass, notation, rhythm, etc., and how everything works together.

   Sight Reading -. ‘S Ability to read a piece of written score in the eyes, and to transfer this knowledge to the keyboard

   Rhythm – The ability to understand, audit firms, and time values ??and a note, and then detect the possibility of using different rhythmic patterns and sambas,

   , Mambo Swing, bossa nova, and much more.

Styles – The ability to add styles such as Alberti bass, country western, jazz, gospel, songs, etc..

   Runs & Fills – The ability to use different types of broken chords, such as fillers, ranges, tremolo fed waterfalls running, echoes, cons-melodies, etc. Add

   Transposition – The ability to play a song in a different key than it was originally written.

   Modulation – The ability to move from one key to another without problems.

 Companion – Know “wrap strings” a solo for the soloist feels supported.

   Directory – Create a list of songs that you can play in a blink of written notice without reference to the music.

   Improvisation – The ability to create music on the fly.

The organization – the ability to put your own interpretaion and a song plays in its own way.

   Cycling – The ability to drive safely, so that your game is soft, but not confusing.

   Dynamic – The ability to play different volume levels, so that the song has an interest.

   Feeling and emotion -. Possibility of plug-ins feel their own feelings in a song for the audience what he feels

   This is not a complete list by any means, but it’s a start. As you play and practice to think separately about each of these areas, and focus on improving one at a time.


Stacks of Poker Chips

Stacks of Poker Chips

StarCraft 2 Replays – The Top Five Bad Habits

StarCraft 2 Replays - The Top Five Bad Habits

Starcraft 2 may be a great game and players often can not remember some critical points, I see him every day for many repetitions Starcraft view. Here is a list of 5 bad habits while playing Starcraft 2

A. Having turtles

It is an effective bulwark against all turtles. Moreover, by building their defense, which has used most of the minerals and allow the enemy to get additional bases to finance a desk murderer. I’ve never seen a turtle technique effectively, the adage is true: the best defense is a great offense actually.

Second not stop construction

The best way to win is to defeat your enemy in battle, then, of course, the biggest army has the advantage. So if you want the largest army, never stop building blocks, reference units distracted in the heat of battle.

Third intense

If you have a recording that has created more than once that my opponent had a hole saw, to see, but I had to let the opportunity to escape. In case of attack, when the enemy retreated, no longer have an army and attack on the base could lead to an easy win, just kill a few workers. If you are the attacker, you will have to keep the pressure and haste in frontline units to strengthen your army. Which is another reason I never stop building units.

Fourth Browse

Scouting allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses of the opponents know and know when they will attack. His tactical game largely due to what your opponents are affected. The biggest mistakes I’ve seen are not scan and get early warning if teching, noise or expansion. Scouting is essential to winning.

Fifth Building Depots!

Even if you are not a Terran, is a good idea to build your unit cap. His army stops the compilation unit and valuable time is lost when you hear the dreaded “must build additional towers.” No supply depots, no army.

different color chips

different color chips

Internet Gambling Casinos

Internet Gambling Casinos

We all like to go to a casino, there is nothing more exciting than to participate in the games offered on them, such as roulette, poker, slots, and of course the craps table. However, traveling to a casino, or even visit their local wells is not always an option, and in the past, which means you will not miss the casino experience. The introduction of virtual online casinos has changed everything. It is now possible, every experience you can enjoy in a casino without leaving home. There are literally hundreds, the best online casino games available, you have to at the touch of a button. If you are a big fan of the style casino gambling, then these sites are really perfect for you.

Since this variety of website has become so popular in recent years, their numbers have increased dramatically in the last ten years. With such a variety of places to choose from, it can often be quite daunting trying to decide which online casino use. Fortunately, there are a number of websites on the Internet that is dedicated entirely to the study and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. These sites not only in line with a collection of slot machines and most popular virtual casinos, but also serve as a guide to all the best online casino bonus are available.

The business of online casinos is so competitive that many sites offer incentives to come to you and use their websites more than others. Sometimes these bonuses or incentives can be extremely good. That is worth a little time to find the online casino bonuses before choosing a different site. Find the best deals are the ones that give you free money to play or a limited period of play without risk. If you really use these services can be very useful and can often make much more money when they start playing.

Once you feel you have a list of virtual online casinos with the best deals, you should try it before you start the game with a lot of money. This way you can have a real idea how. Their working platform game and make sure you make a mistake not to start using also give you a good idea if you are comfortable with the way your system works. If you use the casino site on a regular basis, it is imperative that you completely comfortable with how it’s working. This means you. Able to fully concentrate on the game and increase your chances of winning

Surprised Woman Sitting Between Friends in a Casino Reaching For a ...

Surprised Woman Sitting Between Friends in a Casino Reaching For a …